Welcome to BRAVE 2 for registration please go down

Welcome to BRAVE 2

SMEPS believes in the importance of steadfastness and the continuation of the private sector and providing them with the necessary support and response from the Islamic Development Bank Group to face the emergency situation in Yemen in general and the enterprise sector in particular. Following the success of the first stage of BRAVE project Small And Micro Enterprise Promotion Service Agency launched the second phase of the project to target leading enterprises and leading profit associations in a number of vital sectors such as: health sector, agricultural sector, fish sector, nutrition sector, clothing sector. Important Note: The last day for registering in BRAVE 2 is on 30 November 2018. The stages of the project: promotion and registration, screening and random selection 1  for lead firms, training and qualifying, Selecting companies and discussing plans stage and selecting companies and associations based on the quality of the plan for the grant phase.

Important Note: Tomorrow , 27-12-2018 is the last date for BRAVE 2 Online form Registration.