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What is Brave initiative to support business continuity

(Experimental Phase)

In Small and Micro Enterprise Promotion Service (SMEPS) belief, the importance of sustainability in private sector's and the provided necessary support. A response from Islamic Development Bank Group to the emergency situation in Yemen, generally and the small and medium enterprises sector in particular, to maintain the continuity of the remaining private companies,With its productive and service capabilities, competitive functions and features, Comes (Brave) initiative As one of the urgent and rushing interventions, Which provides technical and financial support to companies In a number of vital sectors. Thus protecting them from collapse while providing supports to withstand the war especially with the growing and deteriorating corporate downturn.

Services provided

Brave Project

An integrated training program for owners of small and medium enterprises in (business continuity)
Reciprocal grants of up to 15 thousand dollars for small and medium companies and 50 thousand dollars for leading companies (Value chain lead firms)

Targeted Sectors

(Experimental Phase)

The medical section

Agricultural sector

Fish sector

Nutrition sector

Clothing sector